Enliven in-class participation among your students!
A streamlined guide to using Canvas/Courseworks as an instructor
Basic reference materials for Canvas/Courseworks
A Canvas course designed to teach you how to use Canvas (as an instructor).
A Canvas course designed to teach you how to use Canvas (as an instructor).
Helpful tips for designing courses, including asynchronous and immersive class formats.
The CTL offers seven types of teaching-related fellowships to graduate students.
Learn how to make your own course website/blog!
Strategies for ensuring your courses appropriately accommodate student needs
ABD students may apply to teach for up to two years within the Core Curriculum.
Useful information regarding TA duties and student teaching appointments
Concise description of teaching requirements for GSAS PhD students
GSAS offers ABD students opportunities to teach their own undergraduate courses.
This 20-minute Courseworks module will help you draft effective learning objectives for your course, course unit, or course assignment.
A guide to implementing online exams on Canvas
A collection of best practices for teaching courses online
A curation of CTL resources meant to ease online teaching.
Learn how use the Panopto video recording platform in your course
Learn how to add new content to pedagogy.religion
A step-by-step guide for the creation and use of stable, pre-assigned Zoom breakout rooms.
The Religion Department's manual for teaching fellows
The simplest way to check Zoom attendance!
A collection of tips & tricks to enrich the in-class experience of students
Practical tips for new TAs to be reviewed in conjunction with in-person TA training.
The CTL offers a two-track certification process for graduate students to develop their teaching portfolios.
A department-authored blog addressing issues related to remote learning
Best practices for video recording
A guide to setting up virtual office hours
A useful Zoom reference document
Basic reference materials for Zoom