Dylan Gurrera

What is their process, though: “I live in the tangential. My dramaturgical process lives in the ‘yes and,’ the ‘no but,’ and the creative possibilities of ‘what if.’ We are together in this process of exhuming, excavating, and exorcising what you feel must be seen or spoken. As a previous social worker, I also bring a strengths-based lens to every process I work on—viewing each process and artist as having inherent values and strengths that can help us overcome the challenges. My process is human, humorous, goofy, and usually gay af. I’m not here to tell you what’s wrong with your play, nor am I here to be an Objective Voice of Dramatic StructureTM. I’m here to be one of your play’s best pals.”

Who are they, though: Dylan Gurrera (they/them) is a queer theatermaker. In their final year at Columbia University, they will be performing whimsical acts of dramaturgy to reflect on and perform drag. They have worked as part of the Special Events team at La MaMa ETC (NY, NY), a research team for Life Jacket Theatre Company’s The Gorgeous Nothings (NY, NY), and the literary management department at Portland Stage (Portland, ME). They received a BA in Drama from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG).

What are their selected recent credits, though: You Can’t Touch My Sister I Ate in the Womb (role: dramaturg), The La MaMa Love Cabaret Hosted by Sasha Velour (role: co-curator), Dyadya Vanya: Files from a Dacha with 26 Rooms (role: dramaturg, co-adapter).

What are their selected works-in-process, though: Case Studies: A New Kinsey Report (role: dramaturg), Curiouser (role: dramaturg), Clouds (role: devised performer), An Untitled Drag Adaptation of King Lear (role: adapter/playwright), and I’m currently working on creating my own drag persona and accompanying one-person-show.

How do I get in touch with this cool b*tch, though: Instagram: @mx_dillpickle; email: [email protected]. Resume and references available upon request. Venmo: @Mx_DillPickles. All funds will be used to fund my thesis research and production.