MBA Study Log

Hey guys! Now that I have graduated from college (sorry I haven’t kept this blog as updated since graduating because the UI started getting laggy/outdated so I switched to Squarespace for a bit but I’ve decided to return because sometimes simpler is indeed better…), I have decided to either do a Masters (MS) in Computer Science or a MBA (Masters in Business Administration) or both — and as of now I am going to keep track of my MBA study log here!

I decided to start on Quantitative Review first since it has been a bit since I’ve touched mathematics even though that was something I was better at in highschool/middle-school. It felt great to do some algebra, basic factoring, exponentials, etc; again. I felt such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from solving these equations in these pretend scenarios ~ I’ve truly missed it. I wish I tutored mathematics throughout college, but perhaps it’s not too late to tutor for Ivy Tutors now so perhaps I’ll apply for that once I’ve done more study review. That’s something I’ll strive for!

Here is my log for the GMAT QUANTITATIVE REVIEW


  • Finished studying 3.1: numbers, factors, multiples, divisibility & remainders, exponents, decimals & place value, properties of operation, etc;
    • long division with decimals: something that was cool that I didn’t know you could do (or hadn’t done in so long) was that if you are dividing decimals like 1234.56/234.1 what you can do just move the decimal over however many for the divisor/smaller # (e.g. move 234.1 -> 2341) and then move the larger # however many places you moved the smaller one so  1234.56 -> 12345.6 (since we move only 1 decimal for divisor) and then you can divide them easily with long division: 12345.6/2341 and then wherever in the solution the . (decimal) lies is where it is supposed to do (aka you don’t need to count or figure out where the decimal is supposed to go)
  • Complete PQ 1-5
  • Got PQ 4 wrong –> I forgot to include the P while solving it on the next line; good to just do this problem again because it gets you thinking
  • PQ 1 was also tricky -> I don’t know why it took me so long to try to figure out the decimal/scientific notification with long division so I should just do this again for additional prac
  • Do again: PQ 1, 4


  • Studied & took some notes on 3.2: algebra, equalities, inequalities, linear equalities, factoring and quadratic equations, functions, formulas & measurement conversion
  • Complete PQ 6-10 -> mostly algebra qs
  • I got PQ 8 wrong -> actually such a good question; I forgot for exponentials (3^x)*(3^-x) = 3^(x-x) = 3^(0) = 1 -> this is such a good question should definitely do it again
  • Studied & took 1/2 notes on 3.3: Rates, Ratios, and Percents