Steve Jobs Last Words

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I thought Steve Job’s last letter was really inspirational, since the stage he’s reached in life is what we all (especially as engineers/tech majors) strive to, but in the end he’s learned that there’s a world outside of what we … Read More

TIL #4

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Life: Everyone’s lost in different states–some are better than hiding it than others Life: Your enemy can become your best friend and your best friend can become your enemy Life: Vulnerability can be your best friend Tech: You can download … Read More

TIL #3

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TIL #3: Life: Money is there you just need to be proactive in obtaining it Life: People make you more awake Life: The past was less complex Academic: You can make prediction models with python

TIL #2

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Life: Proximity poisons the mind Life: Repetition and continuation produces results Life: Meet people through the strangest circumstances Life: Anyone can produce art Life: often the things we have last time for the seem to be the most prominent task … Read More

Things I learned (TIL #1)

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The end goal of highschool was college. Now that I’m in college I feel lost and I don’t know what I’m shooting for anymore. Days and nights consist of me just working on psets and programming assignments and more psets. … Read More