TOP 7 Tools for Simple beautiful poster design

The poster background is an important element to attract customers’ attention to a specific audience. Are you intending to design a Poster but have no idea? Want to create a unique Poster but are not good at design? Don’t worry, the following simple beautiful poster design tools will help you do that easily and effectively.

What are posters?

A poster is a form of the media publication, also known as a “poster”. The poster is a combination of design and printing, aiming to convey the message of the business to customers through images.

Usually, simple beautiful posters will be placed in places with high traffic and easy to see such as supermarkets, bus stations, cinemas, schools, etc. to attract people’s attention.

Posters in use starting in the 1800s are believed to be a transition from earlier meanings of the word “swift travel” or the word “dispatch”. The evolution of the word “post” to “poster” can be based on the concept of news transmission. Although the previously mentioned meaning is news conveyed by a messenger rather than the static transmission of the poster concept.

Posters are used to stick or fix on boards, and support frames with rectangular (or nearly square) shapes. Posters were created with the desire to help businesses express and convey information to viewers. By focusing on the big picture and a short message that is easy to remember. Besides, it also combines the right text, images, colors, and layout to make an impression and attract the attention of customers.

What is an effective communication poster?

A poster to be considered successful and effective must meet the following factors:

  • Focus the attention of the viewer
  • Attract viewers to read all the information appearing on the simple and beautiful poster.

Information on the Poster must be complete and coherent so that viewers can immediately understand the content of the Poster.

  • The content in the Poster must convince viewers to buy products, be willing to participate, and share the message with others… (depending on the purpose of the Poster).

To do that, beautifully simple posters should be designed to convey a single piece of information, using drawings, charts, or graphs to tell the viewer a story in simple, easy-to-understand words. , arranged in a logical and unambiguous order.

7 beautiful simple and impressive poster design tools

1. StoryboardThat

Poster maker – StoryboardThat has an extensive collection of custom posters that will save you a lot of time and money. The eye-catching and fully customizable posters can be used for any theme, for social media, to hang in the classroom, for projects, and more.

StoryboardThat gives you the starting point you need to create original posters. Furthermore, it allows you to use custom designs, pre-made borders, and other poster aspects, even your images!

Additionally, you can also use Storyboard That to create movie posters, book summaries, or analyze themes and events. Plus, these spreadsheets are printable, making it easy to enjoy offline.

2. DesignCap

Designing beautiful and simple posters in just a few minutes is an outstanding advantage of DesignCap. The intuitive, easy-to-interact interface and hundreds of professional poster templates will help you create the perfect Poster wallpaper. DesignCap has a large number of clipart, icons, images, fonts, lines, shapes, and backgrounds… to fully meet the needs of users.

In particular, this tool is very easy to use. DesignCap is a smart choice in the category of convenient graphic sites, helping users save effort, time, and money.

3. Canva

Canva is an online design service with a variety of designs such as Posters, Facebook cover photos, social media photos, and other types of publications. You just need to select the available graphics, images, and fonts and drag and drop them into Canva to create your designs. No need to use complicated design software, but you can still create unique and attractive Posters thanks to Canva.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows users to design simple beautiful posters for free more easily with the features of size, theme, background image, font, text, and shape. They are implemented sequentially, are easy to understand and. You don’t need to be knowledgeable about design to still be able to do it. This tool also integrates the product sharing feature on different websites and the web, mobile, and .com synchronization feature so that users can store and continue to create Posters on their mobile devices.

5. DesignBold

DesignBold, although newly established, has become a useful design tool for professionals and non-designers alike. This tool owns a large number of wallpaper resources, both free and paid, helping users to create not only impressive Posters but also other types of designs such as social media posts. associations, blogs, media publications…

6. PosterMyWall is a tool to help you design beautiful simple posters extremely simply and easily. You can use thousands of free or paid designs, edit them to suit your ideas and content, and then download them to your computer.

To get a premium-quality photo source, you need to pay a small fee. The great thing about this tool is its massive design online resource that allows you to freely choose and create your own. In addition, PosterMyWall also allows teachers to create a free account to manage publications from their students.

7. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is an online digital publishing software that allows you to create professional media publications with a large number of pages (brochures, flyers, posters..). There are free and premium accounts for you to choose from. Lucidpress allows you to change the orientation and size, add multiple pages, text, and shapes, and upload the image you want to use for your poster. Shape, layout, and text properties can be adjusted easily on the right side of the software.

Poster design is not only a need of designers or other fields around art and graphics, but it has begun to expand its scope. Anyone can design a beautiful poster with the help of today’s superior design software. Above are 7 simple and beautiful poster design tools to help you get trendy publications while saving time and effort. With just a few mouse clicks, you will have your Poster. Try experimenting with the above tools and find the one that works best for you! Hopefully, with the suggestions that I also provide, you will create attractive posters.

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