The major outcome of this work will be an ongoing time series of river discharge at key locations along several rivers in the South Department of Haiti for the purpose of identifying hydroelectricity potential. The initial catchments that will be monitored are Lower Saut Mathurine (LSM) and Ravine du Sud (RDS), both located in the Massif La Hotte region of the South Department. Future hydroelectric plants at these sites are proposed that will connect to the existing EDH Les Cayes regional energy grid. Three additional catchments – Riverie Acul, Riviere Grand’Anse, Riviere Glace – will also be assessed for hydroelectric potential. In order to evaluate these five rivers, a network of hydrological and meteorological (HydroMet) stations will be installed at crucial locations in the watershed. These stations will quantify atmospheric rain and climate conditions as well as river hydrology (continuous water depth). Profiles of the riverbeds and average water velocities will be measured manually several times per month. Total volumetric discharge and spatial patterns of rainfall will be examined from the gathered information. With this data, CU will then create hydrological models and develop maps to help identify the locations for and potential quantity of hydroelectric power.