About GradMusWIP

Short, semi-monthly meetings to discuss our work in progress—perhaps continuing through the summer, if any dissertators are planning to be around.

The proposed meeting is complementary to the GSAS/Department chapter workshop; it is not intended to replace this.

Instead of meeting for 2-3 hours to discuss 40+ page contributions, I suggest we meet for an hour or so to discuss (without faculty) two or three of our own 5-10 page contributions—fully argued, but not (a quarter) as substantive as an entire chapter. It is also open to people developing their proposals.

Participants would circulate their papers 36-72 hours in advance of the meeting to allow the group to read the contributions in advance.

You are welcome to attend even if you have not written something, but you will be expected to have read at least some of the circulated papers.

I also welcome help in organizing this. I strongly believe there is an opportunity here to contribute to the academic life of the department, in a way that might continue after this cohort of dissertating students graduates. Many departments within and without Columbia have this kind of meeting.