SoCA E-Board

On the SoCA Executive Board, graduate students from a variety of departments work together to foster community among Columbia’s graduate students of color. SoCA wouldn’t function without the hard work of its dedicated board members.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event and meet you officially!

Current Board Members 

Co-Chairs: Elise Myers & Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman

General Secretary: (vacant – email [email protected] if interested!)

Treasurer: Toru Momii

Communications Director: Alejandra Vázquez Baur

Programming Chair: (vacant – email [email protected] if interested!)

Social Chair: Kailani Acosta

Fundraising/Alumni Chair: Julia Rubio

Community Outreach Chair: (vacant – email [email protected] if interested!)


Columbia SoCA will be forever grateful to former members of the board who dedicated their time and effort to improve the experience of students of color at Columbia. Finding time and energy in the midst of pursuing a graduate degree is not an easy task. Here, we recognize these incredible individuals.

Former Board Members 


Dara Huggins (2019-2020)

Elise McKenna Myers (2018-2020)

James Martin (2018-2019)

Francisco (Paco) Lara-García (2016-2018)

Viviana Rivera-Burgos  (2017-2018)

Sandra Portocarrero  (2015-2017)


Toru Momii (2019-2020)

Francisco (Paco) Lara-García (2018-2019)

Stephanie Grilo – Treasurer (2016-2018)

General Secretary

Michelle Lee (2019-2020)

Lily Yao (2018-2019)

Julia Rubio (2017-2018)

Communications Director

Alejandra Vázquez Baur

Latoya Ramos (2019)

Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman (2018)

Elise McKenna Myers (2016-2018)

Tiffany Huang (2015-2016)

Programming Chair

Krystal Cruz (2019-2020)

Alexandra Mathieu (2018-2020)

Jacqueline Altamirano Marin (2016-2018)

Social Chair

Kailani Acosta (2019-2020)

Dara Huggins (2017-2019)

Juontel White (2016-2017)

Community Outreach Chair

Lauren Bernard (2019-2020)

Andres Villegas (2018-2019)

James Martin (2016-2018)

Fundraising Chair

Julia Rubio Fundraising Chair (2018-2020)

Alumni Chair

Daniele Anderson (2019-2020)