Hello World!

Hello World! (Second hello to the world since 1997 in html)

I don’t know if anyone blogs anymore in the current era of TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, but I guess this can become my hobby since I learned from a colleague that webhosting from the school is free for life.  I am not even sure what I would blog about at this point but leaning toward pharmacy related articles since that is my primary specialty.

One thing to note today is that I successfully completed the Capstone project for the Applied Analytics program thanks to my awesome colleagues.  Better yet, I was able to meet up with many of them in person to celebrate the successful project in this COVID era!  Special thanks to all members of the team “Corona Coders” and it was a true pleasure to work with you all – Devon, Stephen, Saori, Varadharajan, Alia, Liz, Chuxuan, and Luca.  I feel very fortunate to work with such talented and diverse group of colleagues, and I guess that is one of the many perks Columbia offers.  I would like to express my gratitude again to my colleagues and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.



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