GRA Position

I have an opening for a full-time GRA.  This is a mentored GRA position for a PhD student who wishes to develop her/his dissertation focusing on modeling infectious disease transmission dynamics at Columbia.  Research topics are flexible and will be developed based on shared interests.  Students with an analytical background (mathematics, statistics, engineering, and/or computer science) and a strong interest in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases are encouraged to apply.

Individuals with the following characteristics will be competitive for the position:

  • Self-motivated with a strong interest in infectious disease dynamics
  • Prior training in mathematics, engineering, or related analytic fields
  • Strong drive to learn new analytical skills
  • Prior experience with or willing to learn computer programing
  • Good communication skills (both oral and writing)

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For application into Columbia’s Epidemiology doctoral program, visit

If you’re qualified & interested in the position, please email me with your CV and a 1-page statement of research interest.  Apologies if you do not receive a reply (in time).