Courses offered at Columbia
Immigrant New York (Undergraduate seminar): Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016.
Immigration and the Transformation of American Society (Undergraduate lecture): Spring 2014, Spring 2014.
Methods for Social Research (Undergraduate lecture): Spring 2014.
Social Statistics (Undergraduate lecture): Fall 2013.
Senior Thesis Seminar (Undergraduate seminar): Fall 2017-Spring 2019.
Qualitative Social Analysis (Graduate seminar): Fall 2015, Fall 2017.
Neighborhood Effects and Urban Poverty (Graduate seminar): Spring 2014, Fall 2018.
Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity (Graduate seminar): Fall 2014-Spring 2015.
Race, Ethnicity and Migration Workshop (Graduate seminar): Fall 2014-Spring 2018.

PhD dissertation committees at Columbia
Bailey Brown (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Parent Behavior and School Choice

Jacquelyn Durán (PhD Candidate in Education)
Dissertation: Living the American Dream? Second Generation Dominican High School Students in a Diverse Suburb

Brittany Fox-Williams (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Trust Matters: Race, Achievement and Student-Teacher Relationships in NYC Public Schools

Kathleen Griesbach (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Waiting, Hoping, Working: Uncertain Schedules and Contingent Worker Experience in Rural and Urban Contexts

Jeremy Heyman (PhD Candidate in Education)
Dissertation: Pathways into STEM for Low-Income, Urban Immigrant Students: Opportunity, Access and Persistence

Marina Mazur (PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology)
Dissertation: Resilience and Psychopathology among Homeless Young Women

Warren McKinney (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Incorporating Diaspora: Blurring Distinctions of Race and Nationality through Heritage Tourism in Ghana

Dialika Sall (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Ethnoracial Identity-Work and the Children of African Immigrants

Nicol Valdez (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Redefining Intergenerational Transmission through Undocumented Status

Devon Wade (PhD Candidate in Sociology)
Dissertation: Do We Empathize Equally? A Closer Look at Empathic Patterns Associated with Vulnerable Youth

Former students currently in other PhD programs
Eun Se Baik (PhD Student in Sociology, Harvard University)
Angela Clague (PhD Student in Sociology, University of California-Los Angeles)
Selma Hedlund (PhD Student in Sociology, Boston University)
Elizabeth Jacobs (PhD Student in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania)
Gabriela Kirk (PhD Student in Sociology, Northwestern University)
Antonia Mardones Marshall (PhD Student in Sociology, University of California-Berkeley)
Keitaro Okura (PhD Student in Sociology, Yale University)
Benjamin Rohr (PhD Student in Sociology, University of Chicago)
Debanjan Roychoudhury (PhD Student in Sociology, University of California-Los Angeles)
Renetta Walcott (PhD Student in Sociology, Brown University)
Tianhao Zhang (PhD Student in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Teaching and advising interests
Race, ethnicity, and immigration
Asian American studies, Latino/a studies
Neighborhoods, communities, and cities
Poverty, inequality, and social policy
Social class, culture, and mobility
Population and community health
Civic and political participation
Qualitative, quantitative, and spatial methods


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