UNSWG Alumni


The United Nations Studies Working Group at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) continues to be the largest and one of the most active student groups at SIPA. Over the years, many individuals have come together to make UNSWG the student group that it is today. Below is a list of previous UNSWG Boards and updates from former members who are currently working for the United Nations.


Former UNSWG Boards


UNSWG Board 2014:

Camilo Lizarralde – Co-President – cl3188@columbia.edu
Rina Lila – Co-President – rl2682@columbia.edu
Isabela Cunha – Communications Chair – icp2122@columbia.edu
Olga Abilova – Events Chair – oa2240@columbia.edu
Maggie Li – Public Relations Chair – ml3408@columbia.edu
Manuel Vazquez – Treasurer – mv2519@columbia.edu
Anna Veduta – Alumni Chair – av2596@columbia.edu

UNSWG Board 2013:

Joao Souza e Silva – Co-President, jas2364@columbia.edu
Ruba Shweihat – Co-President,  rws2146@columbia.edu
Alana Ngoh – Communications Chair, an2499@columbia.edu
Heather Olsson – Events Chair, hco2103@columbia.edu
Annie P. Waldman – Public Relations Chair, apw2131@columbia.edu
Anthony Chiarito – Treasurer,  acc2183@columbia.edu
Alex Fankuchen (Spring), akf2118@columbia.edu / Camilo Lizarralde (Fall) – Alumni Relations Chair, cl3188@columbia.edu

UNSWG Board 2012:

Juan Manuel – Co-President
Daria Kirilenko  – Co-President
Hande Apakan – Communications Chair
Audrey Hanard – Events Chair
Annie Waldman – Public Relations Chair
Katrin Jaskiewicz – Treasurer
Lila Wade – Alumni Relations Chair


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