Meet the Board

Get to know the 2013-2014 TASA board!

————————————————————- Executive Board ————————————————————-


Amy Huang | President
CC 2015, Biology

Hi everyone! As I start my third year on Columbia TASA, and as an
Operations Co-Director for last year’s ITASA East Coast
Conference (2013), I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming year.
I look forward to meeting more wonderful people from the Taiwanese
American community; you inspire me to learn and love our culture
more every day.

Fiona Liao | Vice President
CC 2015, Political Science

Salutations! This is Fiona and I am Vice President of TASA this
year. I was secretary last year and OCM before that so I’ve had
plenty of experience and of course FUN in TASA already. Joining TASA
was one of the best decisions I made in freshman year! Come talk to
me if you want to learn more about TASA, my experiences, or just want
to talk about some good ol’ political philosophy or traveling the world.


Vivian Tsai | Barnard Vice President
BC 2015, Political Science & Psychology

Hello! I’m Vivian, a Cali-Taiwan girl who enjoys food and loves
adventures! As the Barnard VP this year, I will be supporting with
all events and club logistics especially pertaining with the Governing
Board of Barnard. I am excited to have another wonderful year with
TASA, and so feel free to come talk to me about anything and everything!

Vince Chang | Treasurer
CC 2015, Financial Economics

Hey, I’m Vince, TASA’s treasurer this year. I also took part in
planning CASPY this and last year for the Families with Children
from China community. My favorite event is TASA Semi-Formal because
it is an awesome way to congratulate our new board and thank our
exiting board.


Tiffany Bair | Secretary
CC 2016, Biology

Hi everyone, I’m Tiffany and I am Secretary for this year’s TASA! Besides
all the really cool events TASA holds and delicious yummies we give out,
my favorite part about TASA is my TASA family, all of whom I know I can
always go to for anything. From watching movies, grabbing dinner, going
for a run, to just hanging out, I loved just hanging out with everyone on
TASA. But don’t just take my word for it- come to our events and see for

———————————————————————– Chairs ———————————————————————–


Alison Chang | Programming Chair
CC 2016, Computer Science

TASA truly became a family to me during my time as an OCM last year,
people I can turn to for support and advice on anything, academic or
personal. I am excited to be part of the board again as a Programming
Chair, envisioning exciting and insightful intercultural discussion at
Interboard. Some of my favorite TASA memories include our
ever-entertaining attempts to make food (even rice cookers sometimes
seem beyond our capabilities) and putting together the “Honor To Us
All” song and dance from Mulan with my fellow OCMs!

Nathan Kung | Programming Chair
CC 2016, Neuroscience and Behavior /
Concentration in Business Management

Hey guys, I’m Nathan. TASA was a heartwarming experience for me
last year and I want to show my appreciation by putting in a bit
more effort this year as programming chair, co-heading Interboard,
one of the biggest cultural events of the year. Other than that,
I enjoy playing sports as you may see in the picture above, and
(possibly less) helping you out when you most need it when I’m on CAVA
duty. Anyway, thanks for reading my short blurb and I hope to see you
guys throughout this year!


Corinna Lin | Programming Chair
BC 2016, Biochemistry

Hi, I’m Corinna, and I’m in charge of organizing Taiwanese
Festival Day this year! I joined TASA in the spring, and I
really love being in the TASA family. I am looking forward
to meeting everyone at our events this year!


Rachel Lowe | Programming Chair
BC 2016, Computer Science

Hi, I’m Rachel and I am in charge of Teahouse this year. This is my
second year in TASA. My hobbies include watching Asian dramas,
eating with friends and sleeping.



Sonya Li | Community Chair
CC 2016, Chemistry

Hey everyone! My name is Sonya and I am your community chair for
this year. I’m so excited to be in the TASA family and I look
forward to coordinating CASPY, the cultural event we host for Asian
children adopted by American families. In my free time I enjoy
cooking, Breaking Bad, and all things nerdy.
CHeErS! (Carbon Helium Erbium, Sulfur)


Alice Liu | General Body Chair
BC 2015, Political Science & Art History

Hi, I’m Alice Liu, this year’s General Body Chair. I was TASA’s
Publicity Chair last year. TASA is a great presence to have on campus,
spreading the family-ness that is so essential in the Taiwanese culture.
I look forward to meeting all of you this year!


Sean Liu | General Body Chair
SEAS 2016, Computer Engineering major / Economics minor

Live, laugh, inspire. That’s essentially my personal vision, and TASA
gives me the special opportunity to realize that dream. As your first
ever General Body Chair, I dream of creating an unforgettably engaging
and heartwarming experience for each and every member of our huge
TASA family (that means you!). Feel free to email me anytime with
questions, comments, and suggestions, or just to say hi!

Jonathan Chen | Education Chair
CC 2015, Economics

Hi, I’m Jon, and I will be serving as the education chair for
this school year. I am responsible for hosting professional
development events and panel discussions. I am one of the very
few Taiwanese here who comes from the southern part of
Taiwan. So if you are from the south of Taiwan, holla at me!


Alice Chang | Publicity Chair
SEAS 2016, Computer Science

A workaholic computer science major by day and a sleep-deprived
artist by night. Unbearably awkward yet obnoxiously passionate
about food and fluffy animals. I’m currently the Publicity Chair
and will be in charge of raising awareness of Taiwanese culture
and advertising TASA’s upcoming events. I hope to become more
involved this year with TASA in and out of the Columbia
community and continue to promote events to celebrate Taiwanese
culture and values. I look forward to meeting and working with
everyone this year!

Katie Lin | Webmaster
SEAS 2016, Computer Science

Hi, I’m Katie, and I’ll be in charge of updating the website for this
year! I was an OCM last year and enjoyed being a part of the TASA
family. My favorite event was Mochi Study Break because we worked
together to create a delicious dessert that could be shared with the
Columbia community (and we were also the culprits of creating a fire
hazard!). I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year!


————————————- Organizational Committee Members (OCMs) ———————————————


Justin Chang | OCM
CC 2017, Math-Computer Science

Hi, I’m Justin and I’m an OCM this year. I’m excited to be a part of
the TASA family, and I look forward to meeting you all throughout
the year!


Paul Chang | OCM
SEAS 2015, Biomedical Engineering


Steve Fan | OCM
CC 2017, Economics-Math

Hi! My name is Steve, and I’m going to your OCM for this year! I’m
currently a freshman in CC who is sort of new to everything here,
but I’m definitely catching up! I have been living in Taiwan for
my entire life so far, and I’m really excited about joining the TASA
family at Columbia! I’m definitely looking forward to sharing this
culture with the Columbia community, and meeting every one of you
guys in the future!


Justin Kung | OCM
CC 2017, Computer Science

Hello! I’m Justin, and I’m a freshman OCM. I really enjoy playing
sports and helping around in my community. I’m excited to be part
of the TASA family and I look forward to participating in all the
fun event!


Julia Lai | OCM
CC 2016, Undecided, but possibly/maybe/probably Sociology

Hi, I’m Julia. I really like eating all kinds of food, even 苦瓜
(please refer to photo). If I am fed, I am happy. Naps are nice,
too. I think art is fun and I like looking at different shades
of color. I may or may not have spastic tendencies. I am so
excited to be an OCM, and join in on the crazy silly sweetness
that is TASA!


Gabriel Lu | OCM
CC 2016, Computer Science

I’m from a small suburb in Maryland. I love playing basketball,
listening to Taiwanese music (Jay Chou, Wang Leehom, etc.), playing
the piano, and watching movies.


Alfred Tsai | OCM
CC 2017, Economics-Political Science

My name is Alfred Tsai, and I am pleased to serve as TASA’s OCM for
the 2013-2014 academic year. The courageous see crises and challenges
as opportunities for progress and transformation. No matter how trivial
or insignificant my individual accomplishments, they are part of
the greater collective struggle to make the Republic of China on Taiwan
more recognized and respected in the international community. May my
future years serve to advance and further that endeavor.


Kat Moon | OCM
CC 2017, Sustainable Development / Economics

Hi all, I’m Kat and I can’t wait to contribute to TASA this year
as an OCM! Having lived in Taiwan for the past 18 years of my
life, I have an unconditional love for tea eggs, scallion pancakes,
and all the good stuff in Taiwanese night markets. In my free time,
I love to play volleyball, cook Mexican cuisine, and watch Taiwanese
dramas while crying incessantly.


———————————————————– Senior Advisors ———————————————————–

Nat Banyatpiyaphod | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2014, Operations Research

Matt Chang | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2014, Biomedical Engineering
Jessica Chen | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2014, Chemical Engineering


Daron Lin | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2014, Computer Engineering
Elaine Truong | Senior Advisor
BC 2014, Applied Math
George Tsai | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2014, Applied Math