Meet the Board

Get to know the 2014-2015 TASA board!

————————————————————- Executive Board ————————————————————-

Tiffany Bair

Tiffany Bair | President
CC 2016, Financial Economics and Biology

Hi everyone, I’m Tiffany and I am President for this year’s TASA! Besides our awesome events and delicious noms, my favorite part of TASA is my TASA family, who I can count on for anything. Some of my favorite things include finding delicious restaurants in NYC, outdoorsy adventures, indulging my television (and Hulu) addiction, exercising (especially tennis), and just hanging and having a good time with friends. Don’t just take my word for how much I love TASA- come out to our events and see for yourself!

Nathan Kung | Vice President
CC 2016, Neuroscience

Hey, my name is Nathan! Whenever you see me not practicing for the 2018 Olympics for Freestyle Trampoline, I usually discuss philosophy with my friends. I walk around campus with bose headphones because I like music and even though my music-playing days are behind me, I really feel that music has a genuine emotional and motivational effect on me. I do some rapping on the side to instrumentals on YouTube with my suitemates and aspire to be as silky smooth as Kyrie Irving on the basketball court.

Nathan Kung


Corinna Lin | Barnard VP
BC 2016, Biochemistry

Hi, I’m Corinna, and I’m in charge of organizing Taiwanese
Festival Day this year! I joined TASA in the spring, and I
really love being in the TASA family. I am looking forward
to meeting everyone at our events this year!

Sean Liu | Treasurer
SEAS 2016, Computer Engineering major / Economics minor

Live, laugh, inspire. That’s essentially my personal vision, and TASA gives me the special opportunity to realize that dream. As your treasurer, I dream of creating an unforgettably engaging and heartwarming experience for each and every member of our huge TASA family (that means you!). Feel free to email me anytime with questions, comments, and suggestions, or just to say hi!

Julia Lai

Julia Lai | Secretary
CC 2016, Sociology

Hey all, I’m Julia. Last year, TASA was a really great experience for me, filled with laughter, love and… food! If I am fed, I am happy. Naps are nice, too. I’m basically the human version of Garfield. I think art is fun and mixing different shades of color is a relaxing process for me. I also like all kinds of music from Schoolboy Q to Simon & Garfunkel to Florence + the Machine. I’m looking forward to planning and executing our fun TASA events for this year!


———————————————————————– Chairs ———————————————————————–



Justin Chang | Programming Chair
CC 2017, Math-Computer Science

Hi, I’m Justin and I’m a Programming Chair this year. I’m excited to be a part of the TASA family, and I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year!


Alison Chang | Webmaster
CC 2016, Computer Science

TASA truly became a family to me during my time over the past two years, people I can turn to for support and advice on anything, academic or personal. Some of my favorite TASA memories include our ever-entertaining attempts to make food (even rice cookers sometimes seem beyond our capabilities) and putting together the “Honor To Us All” song and dance from Mulan with my fellow OCMs!



Steve Fan | Education Chair
CC 2017, Economics-Math

Hi! My name is Steve, and I’m going to be your Education Chair for this year! I’m currently a sophomore in CC who is sort of new to everything here, but I’m definitely catching up! I have been living in Taiwan for my entire life so far, and I’m really excited about joining the TASA family at Columbia! I’m definitely looking forward to sharing this culture with the Columbia community, and meeting every one of you guys in the future!


Justin Kung | Community Chair
CC 2017, Computer Science

Hello! I’m Justin, and I’m a sophomore Community Chair. I really enjoy playing sports and helping around in my community. I’m excited to be part of the TASA family and I look forward to participating in all the fun event!




Alice Chang | Outreach Chair
SEAS 2016, Computer Science

A workaholic computer science major by day and a sleep-deprived artist by night. Unbearably awkward yet obnoxiously passionate about food and fluffy animals. I’m currently the Publicity Chair and will be in charge of raising awareness of Taiwanese culture and advertising TASA’s upcoming events. I hope to become more involved this year with TASA in and out of the Columbia community and continue to promote events to celebrate Taiwanese culture and values. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone this year!

Alfred Tsai | Publicity Chair
CC 2017, Economics-Political Science

My name is Alfred Tsai, and I am pleased to serve as TASA’s Publicity Chair for the 2014-2015 academic year. The courageous see crises and challenges
as opportunities for progress and transformation. No matter how trivial or insignificant my individual accomplishments, they are part of the greater collective struggle to make the Republic of China on Taiwan more recognized and respected in the international community. May my future years serve to advance and further that endeavor.



————————————- Organizational Committee Members (OCMs) ———————————————

Will Chung

Will Chung | OCM
SEAS 2018, Hopefully Financial engineering

Will was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He enjoys playing volleyball, playing video games, and watching movies.


Ronald Chen | OCM
CC 2016, Psychology

Hi I’m Ronald. I’m a Junior in CC majoring in psychology. I’m on the Men’s Swimming and Diving team. When I’m not swimming, sleeping or studying I’m eating. I enjoy animal videos on YouTube in my free time as well as long walks on the beach.

Ronald Chen

Courtney Wong

Courtney Wong | OCM
SEAS 2018, Computer Science

Hi! I’m Courtney! I’m a freshman in SEAS and an OCM for the 2014-2015 school year. I’m from San Jose, CA and I’m super excited to join the TASA family this year and work with the rest of the board to plan awesome events for everyone. In my free time, I love to take long naps, go online shopping, eating dessert, and watching Netflix!


Tiffany Troy | OCM
CC 2018, Financial Economics and Art History

I joined TASA because I want to get to know the friends who I’ve heard my brother talk so much about all the time. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure I would fit in. But everyone in TASA are so fun and genuine, and they never cease to inspire me with their little acts of kindness. With TASA, I hope to make others smile as well.

Tiffany Troy

Katie Lam

Katie Lam | OCM
Barnard 2018, Sociology

Hiya! My name is Katie Lam and I’m a First-Year at Barnard College. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, and I am a passionate advocate of improving our public education system, of supporting sexual-assault victims’ rights, and of adding boiled/cracked eggs into instant noodles. I am planning on majoring in Sociology and hope to one day work for a non-profit. Growing up, I often felt disconnected from Taiwanese culture–it wasn’t until I attended a summer program in Taiwan that I being Taiwanese became a vital part of my identity. As a member of TASA, I’m excited to learn more about my culture while surrounded by fellow Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans!


Samantha Ong | OCM
BC 2018, English

Hey y’all! I’m Sam! I’m from Jackson, Mississippi so a true southerner at heart. I love shopping and eating just about anything, but sadly I spend every waking hour either in NoCo or Hewitt! I’m super excited to share my love of Taiwan with the Columbia community as well as to learn more about the culture of the island!

Samantha Ong

Mabel Luo

Mabel Luo | OCM
SEAS 2018, Undecided

Hi! My name is Mabel Luo, and I’m in the SEAS class of 2018. I’m not sure what my major will be yet, but probably either computer science or financial engineering, with a minor in English. I’m from San Jose, CA, and have lived in the Silicon Valley my entire life. I love going to the beach in the winter, singing and dancing, and eating desserts – I have the biggest sweet tooth.

———————————————————– Senior Advisors ———————————————————–

Amy Huang | Senior Advisor
CC 2015, Biology
Fiona Liao | Senior Advisor
CC 2015, Political Science

Vivian Tsai | Senior Advisor
BC 2015, Political Science & Psychology


Vince Chang| Senior Advisor
CC 2015, Financial Economics

Jon Chen | Senior Advisor
CC 2015, Economics

Paul Chang | Senior Advisor
SEAS 2015, Biomedical Engineering