What is culture? How do we embrace our heritage?

Interboard is a major intercultural collaborative event between numerous groups at Columbia University, designed to facilitate interesting and insightful discussion of why “culture” is important and the common questions and challenges we all face as cultural clubs. Held in the fall, representatives from each group come together to share our own experiences and respond to relevant media, such as letters written about the transition from one cultural identity to another or photographs that define an important facet of a culture, in an attempt to better grasp the definition of culture.

We acknowledge our differences and embrace what makes our cultures unique but also recognize that our cultures overlap in interesting ways. Interboard strives to not only engage participants in an evening of intellectual stimulation but also create relationships between groups that will lead to further future collaboration and greater understanding of our own groups and the other cultural associations around us.

Date: Sunday October 27, 2019

Time: 6-10PM

Location: Lerner 568