Update: This website is now available at www.publichealthcommute.com. Please check out the new website for new modules and updated topics. 


Our names are Sarah Godfrey and Gregory Karelas, and we are medical students at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. Sarah originally designed the Harlem Public Health Commute to provide an online public health curriculum for students rotating in in pediatrics, primary care, medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and radiology at Harlem Hospital. After a year of delivering the curriculum, a majority of students have improved their public health knowledge, and many questioned why this curriculum was only available at one site. Due to this wonderful feedback from students and faculty, we have expanded the curriculum to all students rotating in medicine at community hospitals.

The new Public Health Commute incorporates topics that students expressed interesting in learning, including social determinants, race and health, gun violence, substance use, and environmental health. Each topic also provides context for the patient populations at Harlem Hospital, The Allen Hospital, and Stamford Hospital.

Gregory joined the project this year and will be working on expanding the Public Health Commute to other rotations in the future. This curriculum project is a work in progress, and feedback is always appreciated. The project would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl.

Thank you for participating! And stay tuned for new modules in the future!