Literature Trends for 2019: What are They and Where is the Industry Heading?


Literature is an art form that has kept the world grasping the words of authors all over the world and from all different time periods. There is no match for the beauty and impactfulness of words that come from those who can convey them through writing. The NYT Bestsellers list has become increasingly more influential over what humans read, but so have a lot of other factors in the development of the literature industry. Here are some literary trends that are present in this bookworm-heavy space:

Psychological Thrillers and True Crime are Taking Over Not Only Literature, but: Movies, Podcasts and TV Shows

The infliction of fear that comes psychological thriller books and true crime books is craved by many. In 2019, this has only progressed in mainstream media. People are more interested in knowing about the minds of killers and reading about scary situations. An example of this is the rise of Gillian Flynn over the past few years. First, Gone Girl became a hit psychological thriller. Ever since, all of her books along those lines have done incredibly well. Sharp Objects is a TV show based on her hit book, as well as the movie Gone Girl. This genre is taking over and doesn’t seem to be stopping.

True crime is also on the rise. There are countless Netflix series based on horrifying True crime stories. This can potentially point at the popularity of the hit show Making a Murderer. Ever since its release, there are shows and books being released about more and more true crime situations. The reason for popularity seems quite simple. These books allow the reader to hear of stories that don’t seem real, but happen to real people, which makes the whole idea scarier. For example, Ted Bundy was a normal politician to most, but ended up being one of the most notorious serial killers in America’s history. The surreality of it all keeps readers and viewers watching. We can expect more true crime and psychological thrillers in 2019—that is for sure.

Kindle, Audiobooks and Other Alternative Reading Technology 

With the development of Kindle, you no longer have to read with the light on. This groundbreaking phenomenon has given people an option to reading that is digital, but doesn’t hurt your eyes. It also eliminates the need to print books on paper, which is great for those looking out for the environment. You can even check books out from the library on Kindle. You will not see Kindle disappearing anytime in the near future. You might even expect some crazy new development to keep Kindle readers on their toes.

Another form of digesting literature is taking off as well—audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for commutes to work and just resting your eyes after a long day at work. They have risen in popularity with smartphones. The development has given publishers a different way to market their books and appeal to those who don’t necessarily enjoy the physical act of reading.

Book Marketing Will Become More of an Ongoing Process

Publishers and book marketing teams aren’t just going to fully let the internet take over. Stores like Amazon and other online shops give so many book options that the book marketing process will never end. These marketing teams are learning to continuously market their authors and books because the books will be readily available all over the internet for years. This creates an incentive to keep the ball rolling and strategize to have a talented marketing team. If anything the internet will drive competition and growth from within the literature industry. The industry leaders are learning that if you can’t beat technological advancements, you use them to your advantage.

There will be more authors having a presence on social media with this development. Technology is also making it nearly a must for authors to keep up with some sort of blog . We will see authors use technology to their advantage to establish themselves as literary influencers, or something of that caliber.

Don’t Stress, Print Books Will Stick Around

People were worried about reading after the rise of technology. Don’t worry, nothing beats a good book. We will not see the literature industry go away, but we will see it shift to meet some of the qualifications of the technical age. Still, there are a ton of people out there who have libraries and crave being able to hold a physical book. Physical books have a beauty to them that can’t be beat by any internet article or audiobook. Book fans are deeply connected to the knowledge that books bring them, and they will continue to purchase print for years.

We will see authors and publishers working with these industry shifts. The literary industry isn’t over—if anything it is going to succeed in ways it never has before in the coming future.

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