Why should I become a member?
CURR aims to provide runners with as many affordable racing opportunities, whether it be weekly NYRR races, local non-NYRR races, helping to cover NYC Marathon and NYC Half-marathon registration fees, or covering all costs to compete on our NIRCA team. CURR is a proud member of the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association, through which members travel to local universities and compete in cross country and track meets like a varsity team, without the intensity of being a part of a varsity team. Members also may be seen capping off great group runs with brunch at Whole Foods or at the Central Park fountain. Being a member means you are a part of the rich running community at both CU and in NYC.

What are the weekly group runs?
The weekly group runs are an essential component of CU Road Runners. These runs are entirely member-led and allow for runners of similar running abilities to find running buddies. These runs are of various lengths and for all abilities. Running with friends not only makes running easier, but also makes it more enjoyable!

Where do group runs meet?
Group runs meet at the Sundial on the main campus of Columbia University, in between Low Library and Butler Library.

How do I lead my own group run?
We’re always looking for new group runs and leaders! Once you become a member, you can post your plans and share them with other CURR members on our Facebook page.

If you would like to lead regular (daily or weekly) runs, contact CUroadrunners@gmail.com and we will add your run to the schedule. Include your name, email address, and your run’s time, day of the week, length, and pace.