The name of the organization shall be Grupo Quisqueyano, otherwise known as GQ.


We the members of the Barnard & Columbia community feel that the time has come for the creation of an organization dedicated to the advancement of Dominican heritage on and off campus.  We thus establish el Grupo Quisqueyano de Columbia University (here after known as GQ) to provide for the needs of students on campus interested in the Dominican culture, whether they are Dominican or not.  To do this, the organization shall

      1. Promote the Dominican heritage and culture at Barnard and Columbia.
      2. Advocate and encourage unity amongst Dominicans in and around campus.
      3. Equip its members with the necessary support and services to be successful at Columbia and beyond.


Membership is open to allColumbiaUniversitystudents who identify with the Dominican experience, and who are willing to participate and contribute to the enhancement and achievement of the group’s goals. The voting membership of GQ will be comprised of undergraduates who:

      1. Are registered in Columbia College, Barnard College, Columbia Engineering, and the School of General Studies.  Graduate students many only obtain non-voting membership.
      2. Have attended at least 3 general body meetings.
      3. Only voting members will be entitled to hold offices in GQ.
      4. All officers must be undergraduates registered in Columbia College,Barnard College, Columbia Engineering, and the School of General Studies, and must have successfully completed one term of courses prior to assuming an office.
      5. All officers must attend all board and general body meetings.
      6. Only executive board members from the previous year will be allowed to run for President.


The officers of GQ shall be: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Chair, and Web Administrator.  The duties of the officers shall be, but are not limited to, the following:


        1. (S)He will be the spokesperson for GQ in any and all university related affairs.
        2. The President will preside over all the board and general body meetings.
        3. The President must draw up the agenda for each board and general body meeting.
        4. The President is empowered to sign all notes, warrants, and other orders drawn by the Treasurer.
        5. (S)He is responsible for answering any questions concerning the rules, bylaws, and Constitution of GQ.
        6. The President also has the role of advisor to every position.


        1. (S)He will be the spokesperson for GQ in any and all university related affairs.
        2. The Vice-President is responsible for drafting new legislation when deemed necessary by the board or general body.
        3. The Vice-President is empowered to sign all notes, warrants, and other orders drawn by the Treasurer.
        4. (S)He is responsible for answering any questions concerning the rules, bylaws, and Constitution of GQ.
        5. (S)He is responsible for assisting the President in supervising all positions.
        6. (S)He is liaison to all off-campus organizations having to do with the Latino and/or Dominican culture.
        7. (S)He is required to assume the responsibilities of the President during a period of absence until another GQ member fills the vacant office.


        1. (S)He is responsible for the taking of minutes at all meetings held within the organization. 
        2. The Secretary must issue a bi-monthly progress report to the board.
        3. (S)He must maintain a list of attendance of all board and general body meetings.
        4. The Secretary is liaison to the Student Development and Activities office and the Lerner Hall administrative office.


        1. The Treasurer shall have the care, custody, and responsibility of all funds and securities of GQ.  (S)He shall keep just and accurate records of cash, checks, and other financial material, showing detailed accounts of all transactions.
        2. (S)He shall deposit the credit of GQ and all monies belonging to GQ into the account designated by Student Activities.
        3. The Treasure must render a statement of the condition of the funds of GQ at the beginning of all board meetings and at such other times as shall be required.
        4. The Treasurer assures that GQ financial records are open at all times to the full examination of GQ members.
        5. (S)He can and should seek funds from outside sources.


        1. (S)He shall prepare an email and phone listing of all GQ members.
        2. (S)He is also responsible for promoting events, meetings, etc.  This includes creating flyers, emails and phone messages.
        3. (S)He shall forward phone and email messages to the GQ membership and the Publicity Chairs of all other students of color organizations, on and off-campus, regarding future events, meetings, etc.
        4. The Publicity Chair must make promotional materials accessible to executive and general body members.


        1. The Web Master will be responsible for the maintenance of the GQ website located at and
        2. (S)He has the power to make any changes, approved by the board, to the web page.
        3. (S)He must update the web page on a regular basis, as needed, by posting information on all events, past and future.
        4. The Web Administrator is responsible for updating the GQ alias,, so that all board members receive electronic mail sent to this address.

Ad-hoc offices will be created when deemed necessary by the GQ board and/or general body.


    1. General body meetings shall be held Wednesdays, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and can be changed if deemed necessary by the board.  The purpose of these meetings is to hold events and inform the general body of upcoming events.
    2. Board meetings shall be held at a time that the board agrees upon.  It should be held at a time that is suitable for all board members.  Agendas and account information will be prepared for every board meeting.  The purpose of these meetings is to discuss topics for discussion at future general body meetings, create new events, forums, discuss guest speakers, organize events, and delegate responsibilities.
    3. Special meetings may be held whenever deemed necessary by board members with the approval of the President.
    4. At all meetings of GQ at which a vote occurs, each voting member has only one vote, and the majority of the vote rules.
    5. The election of all officers will take place at a meeting called for that purpose on a date no later than the second week in April.  Ballots should be filled out, kept anonymous, and preferably counted by more than one person to assure a fair election.  All nominees must be present on both nomination and election day.  If this is not possible and the nominee has sufficient reason for absence, the board can designate another time for nominations and/or elections to be held, or specify another alternative.


        1. Nominations will be held a week before elections.
        2. No non-voting members, or graduating seniors can nominate candidates for a position or be nominated for a position themselves.
        3. All nominations can only be made either in person or by letter.
        4. The Secretary must make a list of all nominated candidates and forward their names via phone to the membership.


        1. Campaigning cannot start until the Publicity Chair notifies the membership of all the candidates running for positions on the board.
        2. No personal attacks, or character assignations are permitted.


        1. Only those that qualify as voting members of GQ can vote.
        2. No graduating seniors can vote.
        3. Voting can only be made either in person or by letter.
        4. A full term shall run from the first day of Fall semester classes until the last day of Spring semester classes.


        1. In case of dismissal, resignation, etc., the GQ board may appoint temporary officers until such time that a special election may be held, such an election may be waived at the discretion of the GQ board.
        2. The impeachment of officers shall be for the following reasons:
          1. Inability to perform in the best interest of GQ.
          2. Activity unbecoming a leader, which are as follows
            1. Embezzlement of funds
            2. Nomination, campaigning, and election tampering
            3. Any discriminatory practices
            4. Inability to attend scheduled meetings
        3. Formal, typewritten charge(s) must be presented to the GQ board, and then to the general body.
        4. A hearing will then be called two weeks after the charges have been presented.  An individual acceptable to both the accuser and the defendant will be selected as a mediator for the hearing.  3. The accused will have the right to face his/her accuser and defend him/herself against the charges leveled at him/her.  Both parties have the right to bring witnesses to testify on their behalf.
        5. At the conclusion of the hearing, the general body renders a decision on the retention or dismissal of the office by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.


The general body may at any time or in any situation revoke, repeal, or otherwise reject or overrule any decision act of the GQ board or in any of its officers by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting membership of GQ.


The constitution may be altered, amended, repealed, or otherwise changed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at the meeting following the proposed change, or, if necessary, at a special meeting called for such a purpose.


GQ will not cater to any particular religious denomination.  GQ does not and will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.