Shira Schindel – Executive Editor

Shira looked up the word ‘Quarto’ and found a definition. She noticed words like printing, lithography, inch, centimeter, demy, bookbinding, and the number 4. She promptly rejected this formality – Everything is Literary! – voice boomed inside her ear (actually it was Casey on a blowhorn Who gave Casey a blowhorn?). Quarto is where I go to see my friends, Shira told no one; her definition is not up for discussion.

Jared Frieder – Executive Editor

Jared’s favorite movie is Love Actually.  His favorite song is Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.  His favorite food is chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.  His favorite book is God of Small Things.  His favorite favorite is Taylor Swift.  Oh, and puppies…he loves puppies.

Noelle Bodick – Visual Editor

Claire Sabel – Visual Editor

Diana Clarke – Events Editor

Rebecca Kutzer-Rice – Alumni Affairs & Community Outreach Editor

Rebecca is a student in the English and creative writing programs at Columbia University. The youngest Columbia poet featured in Sarah Lawrence College’s Six-on-Six poetry series, Rebecca is a recipient of a Scholastic Writing and Art’s National Silver Key and has been published in the Britain-based journal, Mimesis. She also serves on the editorial boards of Columbia New Poetry and The Word Works, a D.C.-based poetry press.

Matt Hamilton – Web Editor

Matt is currently the Web Editor, logging countless hours working (out) in Dodge. He is a senior in materials science engineering, specializing in subjects such as stress, bonding, toughness, creeping, fatigue and hardness.

Alisha Kaplan – Editor

Amital Isaac – Editor

Amital’s major influences include Keats, Pound, Anjelou, Shakespeare, and instructor Leslie Woodard.  In her yearbook’s senior “Most Likely To…” section she was told she would one day publish a novel. As of yet, her current project is to publish other people’s work in Quarto.

Jay Yencich – Editor & Scrubber

Jay can’t really draw or dance, and his penmanship is horrible, but he has been struck by lightening, once drove from the Canadian border to Seattle in an hour and twenty minutes (in the rain), and has eaten blowfish without dying, so it all evens out in the end.

Leena Mahan – Editor

Martha Fitzgerald – Editor

Martha likes poetry, pie, and other words that start with P. Purple people purport chicken poncho plagiarism.

Prateek Mehta – Editor

Emma Stein – Editor

Kristine Lu – Editor

Sarina Bhandari – Editor

Jackie Yoon – Editor

Drew Westcott – Editor

Amy Benson – Faculty Advisor

Amy is a fool and sometimes a slave, for Quarto, She will name her first-born Quarto, young Q for short. Oh, and she’s also an essayist, a sometimes poet and speculator.