Frequently Asked Questions

By Concert Goers…

What time do shows start, and when do they typically end?

  • Our evenings begin around 8pm, which is when St. Paul’s Chapel is opened.  Music begins by 8:30 and lasts until 11:30pm.  We vacate the premises by 11:45pm each night.

How long are sets?  Are there any breaks?

  • Set times are 45 minutes each, with a 15 minute break between artists (8:30-9:15, 9:30-10:15, etc).

Do you charge a cover?

  • Postcrypt shows are free and contain no cover charge.  We do, however, pass around a tip jar each night to help cover bar costs, as well as support the coffeehouse (which is a volunteer, non-profit venue).

Who can come to Postcrypt shows?

  • Postcrypt is open to the public and all-ages.  Despite its location on campus, you don’t need to be a Columbia student/signed in by a student to enter the venue.

What is your capacity?

  • Due to firecode regulations, Postcrypt is only permitted to contain 30 people at any time.  If your favorite act is playing, we recommend getting there as soon as you can.  Note:  If the room is full when you get there, don’t fret!  The audience usually ebbs and flows and seats often free up between sets.

Do you serve alcohol?

  • Despite having a beer license in the past, Postcrypt currently does not serve alcohol.  We DO, however, sell coffee and a variety of teas and baked goods.

Can I bring alcohol?

  • Nope!  Sorry.  For the time being, Postcrypt is a dry venue.  If you bring it anyway, WE get in trouble…So, please don’t.  See above for alternate refreshment options!

Can I use recording/filming devices?

  • At Postcrypt, we encourage the use of photography and the like, as long as you have permission from the artists.  Feel free to consult them before their show.

By Performers/Open Stage Goers…

When is your open stage?

  • Postcrypt’s Open Stage events take place the first Saturday of every month of the semester (starting in October, excluding January, and ending in April).  Sign-ups begin at 8:15pm.

Do you have any amplification/backline?

  • Postcrypt is and has always been an all-acoustic un-amplified venue.  Performers who typically use amplification (ie. electric guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, whatever else) should know this before contacting Postcrypt for a show.  We like these kinds of music, but we literally don’t have the electrical power to foster them in our venue.  Note:  If you have a battery powered amp…let’s talk!

Can I use your piano?

  • While there is a piano in the choir room down the hall in St. Paul’s (perhaps some of you have wandered back there), it isn’t ours, and we don’t have permission to move/use it.  Sorry!

Can I play a cover song?

  • Sure, go ahead.  As long as it’s not Freebird.  Can anyone actually play that song?

Can we sell merch?

  • Yes!  We encourage you to peddle your wares.  If you’d like, a Postcrypt volunteer will help you sell your CDs/tshirts/what have you at the bar at no cost (you get 100%).

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