Emily Wiest

EMILY WIEST, is a New York based playwright.  She grew up internationally, her early interests being Mythology and Literature. She left school at 17 to explore and rebel and discovered during this time a natural affinity and matured interest in story telling.

She spent some years working by the Ocean and studying before returning to structured academia.

She took to playwriting with an automatic interest.  Thanks to the tutorage of Len Berkman (Smith College) she was able to flourish through kind, gentle guidance.  Her work is informed by those early interests in mythology, literature and philosophy most of all she uses voice to create scenario through contrasting personalities.  She theorizes human misery is the highest and purest form of comedy.

She has explored the art of theatre making by studying text whilst apprenticing for great minds such as Austin Pendleton (Hamlet) Brian Kulick (Mother Courage) Billy Carden (Ensemble Studio Theatre) Simon McBurney (All My Sons.)

Patsy Rodenburg (Student of Shakespeare) Robert X. Modica R.I.P. (Student) Hedda Gabbler (Hedda, Smith College) Eurydice (Polaroid Stories, Smith College) she’s acted in community and college theaters and grew up back stage in dark holes giggling to the roaring sounds of Oedipus and Salome amongst others.

Her undergraduate Special Studies was on Rockumentary Filmmaking under the Professorship of Lucretia Knapp.  She created “A Digital Love Letter to Slim Shady”– a cinematic self-portrait.  “Wal-Mart” (Video Art)  “BadPuss: A Popumentary” is Emily’s first feature film is currently being distributed through indieflix.