While all Nightline Peer Listeners remain anonymous throughout their time working on the phone lines, we also have three directors who serve as the public figures of our organization. While they no longer take calls, the directors coordinate Nightline’s recruitment of new listeners, publicize our services, and integrate our work into the Columbia community.

Current Directors

Our current Directors are Michelle Tang (Columbia ’20), Daniela Bernstein (Columbia ’21), and Jessica Hecht (Columbia ’21). If you have any questions, you can contact Michelle, Daniela, and Jessica at nightlinedirectors@gmail.comWe look forward to hearing from you!

Michelle Tang

Michelle is a senior at Columbia from Palo Alto, California studying Computer Science and English. She joined Nightline her sophomore year and cherishes the two years she spent taking calls from students. Michelle finds it really meaningful to work for an organization united by the common value of empathy. In her free time, she enjoys literature, loves translating poems and spending time with friends.

Daniela Bernstein

Daniela is a Junior from San Francisco (GS/JTS ’21) studying Human Rights and Bible. She joined Nightline her freshman year and is so appreciative she had the opportunity to take calls from students while on the lines. Daniela is so excited to be able to promote Nightline to the Columbia/Barnard community and give everyone the opportunity to be heard! She can always be found talking to strangers about Star Trek and/or criminal justice reform!

Jessica Hecht

Jessica is a junior (CC’ 21) from Westchester studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. She joined Nightline her freshman year and thanks every caller she had the privilege of talking to during her time on the lines. Jessica is grateful for the community Nightline gives her and she is excited to for the opportunity to give back. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring, and catching up with friends.

Past Directors

Lauren Hagani

Lauren Hagani is a junior at Columbia College from New Haven, CT studying Sociology. She joined Nightline her first semester freshman year and cherishes the time she spent taking calls from students. She is so excited to be serving as a co-director, and can’t wait to engage more with the community to publicize the service and spread Nightline listening skills. On campus, she is an RA and is working on a research project at the Center for Justice. She is always down to play squash and is a very competitive card game player!

Dylan Castagnette

Dylan Castagnette is a junior at Columbia College studying Mathematics. He joined Nightline his freshman year and has spent two years taking calls. He is so excited to devote more time to an organization that he loves through the role of Co-Director. Outside of school, Dylan enjoys listening to Sufjan Stevens, playing the ukulele and quoting vines.

Emily Conlogue

Emily Conlogue is a senior at Barnard studying Archaeology, and is writing her thesis on Catholicism in northern New Mexico. She has been with Nightline since her sophomore year, and is excited to be helping the organization in a public role. When she’s not busy with class work or hanging out in the archaeology lab, she can be found drawing, embroidering, and spending time outside.

Lena Denbroeder

Lena Denbroeder is a senior at Barnard from San Francisco studying Economics and pre-health. She joined Nightline in her first year and spent two years taking calls from students. She feels so lucky to be serving as co-director and representing an important service that has been such a big part of her life here. On campus, she works at Barnard Library and is almost as passionate about library books as she is about mental health.


Albert Kohn (GS/JTS ’18) graduated from the School of General Studies and JTS studying Medieval Religious Literature & History with a concentration in Latin. Along with taking calls with Nightline for over two years, Albert was a classroom leader with Peace by Peace and worked in the Rare Book Room in Butler Library. He is unbelievably honored to have publicly represented the amazing Nightline volunteers as they provide empathetic and non-judgmental listening to our shared community.