We host semesterly information sessions for those interested in joining this semester’s training class!

Our two information sessions will be Saturday, January 25th @ 3pm in Diana 501 and Sunday, January 26th @ 11:30am in Diana 501!

Students from any of Columbia’s 4 undergraduate schools are encouraged to attend and apply!

Join us to learn about what’s involved with the training process, the application process, and being a Nightline listener! We encourage students from all four undergraduate schools to attend and apply! If you have any questions or concerns, you can message us on Facebook or email us at nightlinedirectors@gmail.com. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see updates about getting involved with training. Hope to see lots of you there!


“There’s really nothing that our staff loves more than getting calls. They have undergone a comprehensive training program and are highly motivated, many of them personally familiar with mental illness among their family or friends. We love when we have shifts where we get calls the whole time. It just makes us feel really encouraged that people are reaching out.”

Interview with Former Director Jenny Payne, The Eye


I’m interested in becoming a Nightline Peer Listener. How can I get involved?

We’re glad you asked. The first step is to attend an Information Session, offered at the beginning of each semester. At this session, you will gain detailed information about our required semester-long training and certification process. Please check back for Information Session dates, offered only at the beginning of each semester. After the Information Sessions, we will post an application and then hold interviews to select our training class, which generally begins by the third week of each semester. If you have more questions about getting involved with Nightline, please contact our directors at nightlinedirectors@gmail.com or through our Facebook page.

Why should I consider joining Nightline?

Empathetic students who are committed to making a change in others’ lives tend to gravitate towards Nightline. Students who have gone through our training program have expressed that it is a transformative experience through which they were able to have a great impact on the community. Training to become a listener is also a great way to improve speaking and listening skills. By joining the Nightline staff, members enter in a warm and caring community of peers.

How large of a commitment is being a Nightline Peer Listener?

Training to be a Peer Listener and serving as a Peer Listener are both large commitments. The training process is over 40 hours during the training semester, including a two-hour weekly training seminar and weekly role play calls. Nightline expects its members to consider their role as a trainee or Peer Listener as a top priority. Once on the lines, Listeners take one to two five-hour shifts each month and attend biweekly staff meetings. Please keep in mind that in addition to the time commitment, serving as a Peer Listener is an emotionally and mentally strenuous job.

What will I learn in Nightline training?

Our training curriculum covers a wide variety of topics and skills needed to provide our services. Topics that are covered in training begin with academic and career stress and progress to self-harm and suicide, addressing a range of issues in between such as sex and sexuality, eating disorders, and mental illness. These topics are taught by mental health professionals from the Columbia and Barnard communities. Two experienced Listeners lead the skills-based section of training, which focuses on the fundamentals of active listening. Because of our thorough training process, no prior experience working in mental health care or counseling is necessary to become a Nightline Listener.

If I train for or join Nightline, can I put it on my resume?

All Nightline peer listeners are anonymous, and we take anonymity very seriously. However, because training for Nightline and serving on the lines is a large commitment and teaches important skills, listeners are allowed to list Nightline on their resumes, provided that discretion is used and that the resume will not be seen by students of the Columbia University community.

If I decide to train to become a Peer Listener, can I tell my friends?

Nightline has a strict anonymity policy for all people who serve as Peer Listeners or go through the training process. We ask that you respect this policy and refrain from telling others that you are training to become a Peer Listener.

Who can train for Nightline?

Students from all four undergraduate colleges of Columbia University (CC, BC, SEAS, GS) may apply to train for Nightline. Undergraduates in their senior year and graduate students are not permitted to undergo the training process.

I know someone that I think would be a great Peer Listener. What should I do?

Please consider nominating them to join our next training class. We hold training classes every semester and are always looking for new people to join our staff. Fill out this form to anonymously nominate someone, and our directors will contact them.

I have a question that is not listed here. Who can I contact for more information?

Feel free to contact or directors at nightlinedirectors@gmail.com or through our Facebook page. Our current directors are Emily Conlogue and Lena Denbroeder. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the directors with any questions or thoughts you might have about Nightline.

I would love to support Nightline, but I’m not sure that being a Peer Listener is a good fit for me. Are there other ways to get involved? 

We appreciate your support! Please check out the community members section for information on how Columbia University members can support our organization.

If I train for Nightline, can I continue to use its services?

No. Unfortunately, because of concerns surrounding anonymity, once a student begins training for Nightline they are no longer permitted to use its services.