Ethnic Studies Week

It’s Ethnic Studies Week! Events that you can attend are below:

**HB2281 and Representation in Curriculums: Tuesday Oct 4th 9-11pm @ Casa Latina EC Townhouse H504**
Join us for a teach-in on HB2281, the Arizona bill passed into law last year banning Ethnic Studies from public schools in the state. After the presentation we’ll be having an open discussion on representation in our own school curriculum. Come share your experiences with the Core and other classes at Columbia and Barnard. Free pizza!

**Panel Discussion: Thursday, Oct 6th, 7-9pm @ Malcolm X Lounge (Hartley)**
Come hear a panel discussion with Professor Gary Okihiro and former student activists who organized the ’96 (Jane Sung E Bai) and ’07 (Sam Stanton) hunger strikes for Ethnic Studies. Free food!

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