Belo Monte


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Belo Monte dam in the Amazon
Sheyla Juruna, Peaceful Warrior of the Amazon said:
“Heavy machinery has been arriving daily. Forest and land has been cleared to build work camps along the river. Thousands of migrants from all across Brazil arrive weekly seeking work. This has put a stress on our already lacking social services. Crime and violence has increased. Families are being displaced off their land, in some cases, homes have been burnt by the police and no one is doing anything about this because we don’t have enough local legal support to address the needs of every family. There are conflicts between families and landowners and there are death threats against indigenous leaders. We knew all of this would happen, which is why we have been opposed to the dam. Now, even the municipality of Altamira has denounced the dam, but the government is not listening. The situation in Altamira is really, really horrible. We need help!”

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