2009-2010 Results

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Coach’s Awards

MVP: Mario Gabriele

Leadership Award: Miranda Nowak

Most Improved: Stephanie Krent

Rookie of the Year: Leah Rosenberg

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National Championship Tournament (Memphis, TN)

Team 514: 4th place, 6-2

Mario Gabriele- All-American Attorney Award

Opening Round Championship Site (White Plains, NY)

Team 514: 1st place, 7-1 (earned bid to National Championship Tournament)

Mario Gabriele- Outstanding Attorney Award

Stephanie Krent- Outstanding Attorney Award

Shana Knizhnik- Outstanding Attorney Award

Brandon Lewis- Outstanding Witness Award

Miranda Nowak- Outstanding Witness Award

Leah Rosenberg- Outstanding Witness Award

Regional Tournament (Jamaica, NY)

Team 514: 2nd place, 7-1 (earned bid to Opening Round Championship Site)

Team 515: 4th place, 6-2 (earned bid to Opening Round Championship Site)

Mario Gabriele- Outstanding Attorney Award

Jacob Andreas- Outstanding Attorney Award

Jessica Becker- Outstanding Attorney Award (both sides of case)

Miranda Nowak- Outstanding Witness Award (perfect ranks)

Invitational Season

Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament VII

Hosted by Columbia University

Team 514 – Fourth Place – 6-2

Miranda Nowak – Outstanding Witness Award


Hosted by University of California, Los Angeles

Team 514 – Fourth Place – 6-2

Team 515 – Ninth Place – 5-3

Jessica Becker – Outstanding Attorney Award

Stephanie Krent – Outstanding Attorney Award

Great American Mock Trial Invitational

Hosted by the University of Virginia

Team 514 – 6-6

Buchanan J. Vines – Outstanding Attorney Award

Ninth Annual Cornshucker Classic

Hosted by University of Iowa

Team 515 – Tenth Place – 5-3

Derby Challenge

Hosted by Bellarmine University

Team 514 – Second Place – 6-2

Buchanan J. Vines – Best Attorney

Second Annual Happy Valley Invitational Tournament

Hosted by Penn State University

Team 514 – First Place – 6-2

Team 515 – Fourth Place – 6-2

Outstanding Witness – Mario Gabriele – 19 Ranks – D

Outstanding Witness – Miranda Nowak – 16 Ranks – D

Outstanding Attorney – Jessica Becker – 20 Ranks – D

Outstanding Attorney – Buchanan J Vines – 19 Ranks – P