I am a Lecturer and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Linguistics at Columbia University

I teach courses in linguistic theory and analysis, including phonology, syntax, language change, and field methods.

My work focuses on cross-linguistic variation in semantics and pragmatics; some recent publications and projects are below.

Landman, Meredith & Solveig Olson-Strom. 2018. Discourse Particles in Yoruba. Paper presented at the 49th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, held at Michigan State University, March 22-25, 2018.

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Landman, Meredith & Rodrigo Ranero. 2015. Focus marking in Kuria. In J. Kandybowicz, T. Major, & H. Torrence (eds.), African linguistics on the prairie: Selected papers From the 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (pp. 393–412). Berlin: Language Science Press.

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Landman, Meredith. 2003. Morphological contiguity. In Andrea Carpenter, Andries Coetzee & Paul de Lacy (eds.), University of Massachusetts Amherst Occasional Papers in Linguistics 26: Papers in Optimality Theory II. Amherst: Graduate Student Linguistic Association Publications.