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Fall 2017
English BC3179x:  American Literature to 1800

Spring 2018
English BC3180y: American Literature, 1800-1870

Past Courses:
English BC3193x: Critical Writing

English BC3997x: A d-d mob of scribbling women”: Nineteenth-century American Women Writers  (Fall 2014)
English BC3138x:  “A d-d mob of scribbling women”: Nineteenth-century American Women Writers
English BC 3997:  Reading and Writing Women in Colonial America (Fall 2012)

FYSB BC 1181: The American Supernatural (Spring 2011)
American Studies 3002y: Approaches to American Culture, 1607-1865 (Spring 1999)

Current project:

“The word in it self”: Transparency and Substance in Early Quaker Language (book manuscript) explores the paradoxical complexities generated by early Quaker theories of simplicity in language. It explores the literary theory of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Friends, considering its impact on Quaker texts, on the political activity of eighteenth-century Quakers in the Pennsylvania Assembly, and on the broader American literary tradition, especially in the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Selected publications:


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