I am a PhD Candidate and Zuckerman Fellow in the Sociology Department of Columbia University. My research interests include Political Sociology; Science, Knowledge and Technology (STS); Inequality; Race and Ethnicity; Comparative-Historical Methods and Social Theory. My work has appeared in the American Economic JournalBrazilian Social Sciences Journal, Ethnic and Racial StudiesHistorical Social Research,  International Journal of Sociology, Theory and Society, among others.

l_leao-luciana-de-souza-2Before coming to the US for my Ph.D., I received a B.A. in Economics from Puc-Rio and a M.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where I extensively studied different dynamics associated to racial and political inequalities in Brazil, both in historical and comparative terms. For my Ph.D. dissertation, I build on my experience working as a World Bank economist for three years, to study the politics of social policy evaluation in the Global South and the complex inequalities inherent to the diffusion of global policy standards. I reveal how seemingly neutral technical disputes over evaluation methods relate to domestic struggles for influence in social-policy making, and how different evaluation methodologies inform what policymakers can see and do.

Here you can view my CV, my research and publications, and a list of awards and fellowships that I have been fortunate to receive.