Individual Interviews

PDIT is asking individuals who are experiencing, or have experienced, identity theft to participate in an interview lasting approximately 1-2 hours. Interview questions will explore how interviewees think about their personal information, their experiences with others misusing that information, and their efforts to cope with or fix any resulting problems. Individual interviewees have the option of complete anonymity.

Key Informant Interviews

In addition to the perspectives of individuals who have experienced identity theft, PDIT is also interested in how organizations and their personnel understand their role in resolving identity theft. One of the ways PDIT addresses this important dimension is by interviewing key informants who work with identity theft remediation in a department or organization, including government agencies, financial institutions and other businesses (e.g. banks, credit bureaus, insurance companies, debt collectors), academic or policy institutes, and victim assistance organizations. Interviews will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and will cover how interviewees think about personal data and identity theft in their work, their experiences working with people who report being victims of identity theft, and the policies or practices that guide them in that process. Key informant interviewees have the option of complete anonymity.

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