Organizational Partners

General Overview

Staff working with identity theft victims play an important role in helping victims to recover their identities. To better understand the expertise such staff bring to the process, as well as the organizational policies and practices that shape it, the PDIT Study shadows staff in key organizations involved in the process of resolving identity theft. Depending on the situation, this could include:

  • Observing office operations
  • Attending meetings
  • Sitting in on call/contact centers
  • Assisting in daily tasks where feasible

Participation in those activities would offer the study a lens into how staff approach identity theft as a practical problem as they go about their daily work and lives. Special care is given to avoid unduly disrupting participants’ lives or the daily operations of organizations, and all participating organizations have the option of anonymity while retaining full discretion regarding when, where, and what the research team can observe. In addition to, or in lieu of, shadowing staff in your organization, the research team could also conduct in-depth interviews with staff members. For more information on interviewing staff, see the section on Key Informant Interviews.

Benefits to Organizations

We believe that organizations can benefit from participation in the PDIT Study in a number of ways:

  • Tailored report and/or presentation: Upon completion of the study, the research team would be happy to write up and/or present its findings and recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs
  • CX and contact center insights: For many organizations, participating in the study could help your organization incorporate insights about fraud remediation into your approach to customer experience while also cutting costs associated with fraud calls to your call/contact center
  • Holistic social science view of the remediation process: This study offers your organization an outside social science perspective on how your internal processes fit into the larger organizational network for remediation, which could inform efforts to minimize consumer pain points and friction
  • PR or regulatory opportunity: By participating in the study, your organization could further demonstrate its active commitment to addressing an issue of intense public and regulatory concern

References Available

If you or someone else in your organization is interested in participating and would like to know more, a reference letter from an organizational participant is available upon request.