Community & Outreach

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InterVarsity’s Community and Outreach (C&O) initiative aims to disciple leaders in a Gospel-centric vision for community and outreach.

C&O seeks to disciple those who wish to better “love your neighbors as yourselves” and “go and make disciples of all nations” through an inner transformation as well as outward expressions. C&O calls to all who earnestly long to seek a heart of agape, washing the feet of fellowship members as well as the sinners, the sick.

C&O has weekly meetings to train disciples in the biblical grounding of community and outreach, looking at the tribes of Isreal, the early church, and the evangelistic ministry of Jesus for guidance. C&O also focuses on encouragement, communal prayer, and communal thanksgiving to truly become of one spirit.  C&O plans and organizes the major events of IVCF, providing a tangible way of loving others.  Most of all, C&O aims to disciple leaders such that they can pass on this Gospel-centered vision to those they disciple.