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Zimbra Backup Information

  • https://www.zimbra.com/docs/ne/6.0.8/administration_guide/10_Backup_Restore.17.06.html
  • Usage: zmschedulebackup [-q|-D|-s|-F| [{-A|-R} [zmbackup options] { <backup-type> } { <backup-schedule> } ] ]
    -q: query (default command) – prints existing schedule
    -s: save schedule to text format for easy restoration
    -F: flush – remove current schedule (cancel all scheduled backups)
    -A: append – adds specified backup to current schedule
    -R: replace – replace current schedule with specified schedule
    -D: default – replace current schedule with DEFAULT schedule
  • Options that will be passed to zmbackup:
    -n: no compression – Backs up blobs as individual files rather than in zip files.
    -z: compress – Backs up blobs in compressed zip files. Ignored if –zipStore is specified.
    –zipStore: – Backup up blobs in zip files without compression.
    -t: target – backup target location (default is /opt/zimbra/backup)