Habanero HPC


  • April 8 – May 2: CUIT publishes price estimates and takes orders
  • May 2: orders must be in
  • September 2016: cluster goes live

Purchase options:

  1. Standard Node. 24 cores, 128 GB memory.
  2. High Memory Node. 24 cores, 512 GB memory.
  3. GPU Node. 24 cores, 128 GB memory and 1 (possibly 2) NVidia K80 GPU.
  4. Scratch Storage. Each order will be expected to purchase at least 1 terabyte.


Q: If I have a share of Yeti, will I be able to use the new cluster?

A: No, as it will be a separate cluster with its own queuing system. SRCPAC is endeavoring to follow best practice of other University shared HPC which recommends that to take full advantage of the inevitable improvement in system components that new systems be created every few years. Yeti began in 2013, so it is time to start afresh.