Copier: Ricoh Aficio MP 3352

Photo_414 - copier screen Photo_414 - copier code

Copier Scanning Instructions

Scanning Instructions:  How to scan a document and deliver it as a PDF attachment via email

  1. Push the Power button (on the right) and wait for the machine to startup. If you are prompted for a code, ignore this message. User codes are not required for scanning only for copying.
  2. Push the Scanner button to the left of the display panel.
  3. Insert documents face up into the top auto document feeder.
  4. Locate your name in the address book and tap to select it or push the Manual Entry button (shown below) located on the screen to enter an email address with the on-screen keyboard.
  5. [Optional]: Tap ‘Subject’ or ‘Text’ to enter a custom message or subject heading. Otherwise the default subject of ‘Your scanned documents’ will be used.
  6. Press the Start button to begin scanning. This is a hardware button on the bottom right.
  7. Remove your documents from the return tray.
  8. You will soon receive an email from copier2 at with your documents attached as a PDF file.