Click to view: Letter from Grace Finkel, Recruitment Chair, 2015

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment at Columbia University is held in the Spring semester. A woman is eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment and join a sorority if she is enrolled at Columbia University as a full-time student and has completed one full academic semester of coursework. First semester freshmen are ineligible.

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Philanthropy Day

The first event of recruitment focuses on philanthropy. Potential New Members (PNMs) will be divided into recruitment groups and meet their Membership Recruitment Counselors (MRCs), members of the Greek community who have temporarily disaffiliated from their sorority into order to serve as an unbiased resource for PNMs.   Each event will be fifty minutes long, and PNMs will visit a maximum of four sororities. You will learn about the philanthropic organization that each sorority has nationally chosen to support and what it means to be a member of the Greek system, including Panhellenic involvement on campus and the benefits of membership on campus and nationally. Delta Gamma’s philanthropy is Service for Sight, which focuses on working to stop blindness before it starts, and improving lives of those who have lost their sight.  Whether it be through funds for genetic research or Braille books, or by giving time to help men and women acquire the skills they need to live independently or to record books for the hearing impaired, DGs have given over $200,000 and 96,000 hours per year to help those in need.


Development Day


The second recruitment event, Development Day, is intended to emphasize the unique qualities of each organization. Each event will be fifty minutes long, and PNMs will visit a maximum of three sororities.  On this night, we will try to explain to you what exactly makes the Delta Gamma special. You’ll learn about our new member education, leadership development activities, awards, chapter programming, the academic, career, and personal benefits of sorority life and – most importantly – the meaning of sisterhood. DG is full of dynamic young women who cover the full range of personalities, interests and talents. We are all bound together by Delta Gamma, by ties stronger than any of us imagined when we first stepped into the recruitment room.


Preference Night

The final recruitment event, Preference Night, is an evening where the sisters of DG will be able to show you some of the rituals that are unique to the sorority. Each event will last 90 minutes, and PNMs will be invited by a maximum of two organizations.  A sister with whom you have bonded will “pref” you – that is, you will spend part of the evening with her alone, giving you a chance to have a long conversation about sisterhood, Delta Gamma, and her own experience as a member.

After this party, each PNM will fill out a card for the Panhellenic Council that indicates her preference of sorority. That same night, each sorority will also submit a list of PNMs whom they desire as members. The Panhellenic Council tries to match PNMs to sororities as best they can.


Bid Day

Bid Day is a celebration of all the new additions to the Panhellenic community. After the Panhellenic Council has matched PNMs and sororities through the mutual selection process, PNMs will receive a formal bid from one organization. After receiving a bid, a PNM may choose to formally accept or decline her bid. On Bid Night, all of the sororities gather on College Walk with their new members, to celebrate their newest sisters. On this night, you will learn to which sorority each MRC and Panhellenic Council member belongs.