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M’s Gnocchi Recipe

M makes a mean gnocchi. She sent the recipe to some friends recently and I offer it below for your edification:

Gnocchi Directions: (6 adults)

Boil 4 pounds potatoes (I use Russets but Marcela Hazan – my Italian food queen says “boiling potatoes” not “new potatoes” I don’t know what that means so I do […]

DIY Seltzer Water

[youtube][/youtube] M returned from Philly this weekend with a 15lb CO2 tank. We hooked it up to the regulator, hose (with ball lock), and “carbonator” cap that I got from Northern Brewer and it worked great. From construction to carbonation took about 10 minutes. Video is here.

The set up is basically the same as […]

The Power of Beer

I have been searching (albeit not very intently) for “Bierkraft” in Park Slope for about two and a half years. Well, it’s where it apparently has been the whole time: at the corner of 5th and Union. It’s a nice little shop that’s devoted 50-50 to beer and food (cheeses, meats, chocolates, cookies, etc). At […]

Brooklyn Pizza Tour

My friend Chris was in town from Cambodia this weekend so I planned a Pizza Tour of Brooklyn. Of the places on the map, we hit four (plus we made our own home-made pies).

We had two categories for the pizzas we sampled: “paper plate” and “gourmet”. The former were slices, the latter where what […]

Beeby’s Broth

I was listening to a podcast of Science Friday the other day (yes, I am a nerd), and Michael Pollan was on talking about his new book In Defense of Food. He actually came across as a reasonable fellow in the interview — all of the other press I’d heard about the book made him […]

DIY Lunchmeat

This may be a dumb post for anyone who’s ever cooked before, but it’s amazing how simple, cheap, healthy, and tasty homemade lunchmeat is! M got a turkey breast at the co-op on Tuesday, which I roasted today with a bouquet of thyme and a slab of butter. After two hours baking and an hour […]

Applewood at Home

I invited David Shea, owner and chef of Applewood, to come in to our home and conduct a cooking lesson with M for her birthday. It was a great two-hour lesson. David was very laid back and taught M a lot of good tricks. We had striped bass on creamy polenta with orange/grapefruit supremes salad […]

McCann’s Oatmeal

Best breakfast, ever! It takes a while to make but these steel cut oats taste great. Modified recipe: 1 part milk + 1 part water + 1 part oats, heat to boil then simmer, add brown sugar or honey to taste.

Beer Can Chicken

Aside from grilling pizza recently, I’ve also enjoyed making “beer can chicken”. It’s the easiest to make and best tasting chicken you’ll ever have. Normally, when I roast a chicken in the oven, I have to flip it over at some point and, invariably, the skin sticks to the pan. Standing on a beer can […]

Alaskan Salmon

C came back and brought a lot of fish. This is a picture of the fish in a freezer. That’s a s-load of fish, eh?