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DIY Brompton Emergency Toolkit

Brompton is coming out with their own toolkit (dunno when). It looks really nice, but it will likely be a costly little set.

Inspired by the forthcoming Brompton kit, I pieced together an impromptu toolset. Admittedly, it lacks a crescent wrench to remove the front wheel, but it’s a start and I’ll update if/when I […]

Bobike Mini+ On Brompton

I hope someday in the nearish future my child will want to ride a bike with me badly enough to necessitate the itchair for my Brompton. Until that day, I’m saving up my pennies, because at $360 it ain’t cheap.

In the meantime, she’s small enough and light enough to use the Bobike Mini+, which […]

The Downtown: a Better Brompton Bag from Ortlieb

Brompton sells a bag made by Ortleib. The good folks at Bicycle Habitat have one in stock and it’s beautiful. But they’re asking $350 for it! That’s too much money. Eric, at Bicycle Habitat, showed me the Ortlieb “Downtown” and we both agreed that with some tweaks (he reckoned one Sam-Adams’-worth, I figured closer […]

Brompton US Championship

I participated in last weekend’s Brompton U.S. Championship in Philadelphia’s Fairmont Park. The race was only six miles long, but it was brutally hilly and unseasonably warm.

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to the Brompton as a commuter bike, all participants are required to wear business attire during the ride (coat, tie, collared shirt, and […]

Project Bike

I’ve been working on this 1993 (?) Specialized Allez for a while. It’s been neglected for a few years and needs some updating (or maybe “retrofitting” is more appropriate). I replaced the bar tape and saddle. Now, all I need are an American Classic front hub (to replace the Campy understudy that’s standing in […]

LED Headlight

Tonight I did a much simpler version of this to turn a regular dim incandescent bulb into a three-led super-light. It did take some soldering, but the job was straight-forward (no “electrical” work was required).

UPDATE: This doesn’t work. Some “electrical” work is required. The bulb works for a mile or so, but dims and […]

…and then there were eight

I realized tonight, upon the sale of T’s Bianchi “Cross Project USA” Cyclocross, that we’re down to eight bikes in the basement (E’s Eddie Merckx went to Phillly over the weekend). I sold the Bianchi to a very kindly gentleman and his wife (who drove a hard bargain).


5 Boros, 1 (Required) Rest Period

T and I did the 5-boro bike tour this year. We put in a fifty-mile day, which is more than I’m used to on any given Sunday. It was a lot of fun, though, and it turned out to be a beautiful day. More pics.


A healthy, waxy chain

Though some sites poo-poo it, I’ve been a fan of wax (paraffin) chain lubrication for years. This image (p 13) illustrates a double boiler like the one I used, but I opted for a large frying pan and a pie tin in which I placed the chain and one four-ounce stick of wax (1/4 the […]

A “New” Brompton

My pal Eddie went with me to check out a “too good to be true” deal on a used Brompton the other night. Everything checked out, so I’m the proud owner of a 1998 (?) folder. As far as I can tell it’s the “R3” model (a three-speed with a rack). The seat is awful, […]