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Cars I Own in Accidents Involving ≤1 Driver

car accident in brooklyn

Knock on wood: I’ve never caused a car accident.  But I’ve been in several.  Each accident happened when my car was stationary and I was miles away from it.


On 5/26/05, a car I own was the victim of a truck accident on the block. It was a hit and run on my ’96 Jetta. A neighbor left a note with the license number of the U-Haul that hit the car, but the company refused to pay because nobody would step forward as a witness.


car accident in brooklyn

On 6/7/07 a distributor’s truck destroyed a Toyota, which was then slammed into the front end of my ’01 TDI damaging the wheels, quarter panels, and steering mechanisms (the car needed to be towed, wouldn’t drive). All told four cars were damaged in the accident. The truck driver was fine.


Update June 2011: Another hit and run.  Again on the 2001 TDI. The left rear taillight was destroyed and the bumper beat up a bit. I replaced the taillight with some help from our friends at the Parts Place in Auburn Hills, MI.


Update November 2012: This time a tree fell on my 2001 TDI while parked down the block.

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