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t610 pwns razr

I had a trusty sony-ericsson t610 for about four years, but I gave it up last August for a Moto Razr v3. Initially I was impressed with the Razr’s reception and sound quality, but the user interface and battery life are so bad that I evetually had to switch back to the t610. The only […]

Brooklyn Pizza Tour

My friend Chris was in town from Cambodia this weekend so I planned a Pizza Tour of Brooklyn. Of the places on the map, we hit four (plus we made our own home-made pies).

We had two categories for the pizzas we sampled: “paper plate” and “gourmet”. The former were slices, the latter where what […]

Ciao, Italia

M and I spent a week with her family in Rome. The weather was brutto, which kept us inside most of the time, but the food and conviviality were, as usual, molto bene. We made two short day trips into Rome (Trestevere and the Pantheon plus some other sights). We also went out to V’s […]

Tiny URLs (of my own)

I modified amfr’s short url scripts to roll my own tinyURL. I added a random name generator for when I’m lazy, but I also like that I can make my own target name. For an example, see

iPod Video (aka 5th gen iPod), We Hardly Knew Ye!

I have had a pretty, black, 60GB ipod “video” until this morning. As with any disk failure, the worst part isn’t losing the device, it’s losing the data. I was plugging it in so I could back up all the work I did last weekend, but spent most of the day re-doing it from an […]