CWI Seminar

The Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality (CWI) Seminar Series is sponsored by Columbia University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research Policy (ISERP) and is devoted to the investigation of social and economic inequality.  The Seminar invites speakers from both within and outside of Columbia to present recent papers covering a wide range of topics pertaining to inequality, such as poverty, labor market behavior, education, and the family.  The research topics and methodologies are at the cutting edge of the interdisciplinary study of wealth and inequality, as the CWI Seminar invites speakers from multiple social science disciplines and fields.  Past speakers include Annette Lareau, Adam Gamoran, Timothy Smeeding, Lisa Kahn, Mario Small, Rob Warren and Florencia Torche, among numerous others.

CWI Seminars are held on Thursdays throughout the academic year at 2pm in 509 Knox Hall (606 West 122nd Street).  We are pleased to announce an exciting group of speakers for our Fall 2018 semester: 


Sept. 27, Michael Jacobson (Institute for State and Local Governance, CUNY) 

Oct. 4, Ameed Saabneh (Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Haifa)

Oct. 11, Barry Eidlin (Dept. of Sociology, McGill University), “Labor and the Class Idea in the United States and Canada” 

Oct. 18, Tonya Brito (School of Law, University of Wisconsin) 

Nov. 8, Alair Maclean Dept. of Sociology, Washington State University) 

Nov. 15, Kieron Barclay (Max Planck Center for Demography), “The Influence of Birth Order and Family Size on Marital Stability” 

Nov. 29, Matthew Hall (College of Human Ecology, Cornell University), “The Impact of Immigrant Deportations on Latino Segregation”  

Dec. 6, Jennifer Heerwig (Dept. of Sociology, Stony Brook University), “Money in the Middle: Contribution Strategies among Affluent Donors to Federal Elections, 1980-2008”