Call for Submissions – Fall 2013 Issue

The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, a journal of undergraduate legal scholarship based at Columbia University in the City of New York, is accepting submissions for its Fall 2013 issue. Undergraduate students in any major, track, or class year and at any college or university should feel free to send us their work.

In recognition of the various paths undergraduates may take to study law, we welcome submission of research articles, senior theses, and essays embracing a wide range of topics and viewpoints related to the field of law. Check out to view past journals or to read our mission statement.

Submissions should be double-spaced in Microsoft Word .doc format, follow the Chicago style, and include endnotes. Although we will consider submissions of any length, most papers published in the journal range from 20 to 25 pages. It would be highly appreciated if longer papers could be shortened to fit this page length recommendation before submission.

Please include in the document:

1) Your name:

2) Current email address and phone number:

3) Undergraduate college/university:

4) Class year:

5) Title:

6) Category of paper (International, Historical, Domestic, Other):

7) Why the paper was written:

8) Abstract:

Kindly use the “Submissions” tab of our website to submit pieces rather than emailing us directly.