Selected Articles for Spring 2013

The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review has finalized its selections for the Spring 2013 issue. Congratulations to the following authors:

Alice Xie
University of Pennsylvania
The Aggrandizement of Corporate Personhood: A Living Originalist Interpretation of Contemporary Corporate Rights Jurisprudence

Colin Christensen
Emory and Henry College
A Man’s Gun is His Castle?: Reexamining the Implications of Incorporating the Second Amendment

James Marshall
Georgetown University
The Natural Resources of the Arctic and International Law: An Analysis of How the International System Manages Arctic Resources

Tanner C. Johnson
Princeton University
The Biasing Effect of Death Qualification: How Juror Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment Affect Conviction and Trial Proceedings

The CULR editorial board would like to thank all of those who submitted pieces for review, and invites authors to submit articles for inclusion in the Fall 2013 issue.