Fall '12 Issue

Fall ’12 Issue

The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is proud to announce the release of its Fall 2012 issue.

Included in this issue are the following articles:

Sailing Through Loopholes: The Burden of Neutrality During the American Civil War
Sam Berman, Colgate University

Freedom of Exercise vs. Separation of Church and State: A Comparative Analysis of France and the United States
Ruth Woodard, University of Virginia

©horeography: How Graham v. Graham Shocked Artists into Legal Awareness
Marygrace Patterson, Barnard College

Repeal Rule 413 of the Federal Rules of Evidence: The Admissibility of Evidence of Prior Sex Offenses
Connor Montferrat, Rutgers University

Also included is an interview with Dean Peter Awn of Columbia University.

The full issue is available online as a pdf on our issues page.