Selected Articles for Fall 2011

We have sent our Fall 2011 Columbia Undergraduate Law Review to the printers and will be distributing the journals soon. Until then, a hearty congratulations to those that have been published:

Shayna Stern
“The Personal is Political”: The Legal Justice System’s Treatment of Domestic Violence Victims from 1970 until Today

Andrew D. Norwich
Back to the Future: The Supreme Court’s Due Process Mission to Revert Punitive Damages to Their Traditional Role: An Overview and Its Effects

Taylor Purvis
Washington v Glucksberg: Threatening Constitutionally Recognized Liberty Interests

Rebecca L. Salk
Multilateral Force: The Future for Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect

Aubrey Jones
Seventy Years Later: The Trials of John Demjanuk and the Purposes of Prosecuting Former Nazis