ROP Packing List


Hello fellow ROPpers! Following is a list of trip essentials. Everything is on this list for a very good reason. If you forget something, there will be a last minute trip to EMS, but please do not leave shopping until then! I hope that we won’t need most of the gear on this list, but if we do and you don’t have it, you will be miserable. Nobody wants that.

Also keep in mind that everything here needs to squeeze into a small dry bag (sealable water-proof river-worthy bag), so pack conservatively, but thoroughly. We rent these 30L dry bags for $15.

DO NOT bring cotton. It will get wet and will NEVER dry (at least not on the trip), and wet cotton does not keep you warm.

The List


  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt | Polypropylene or polyester
  • Thermal Underwear | Top & bottom, wool or polypropylene
  • Non-Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt | Again, polypro, wool or something similar
  • Fleece | Jacket or sweatshirt
  • Rain Gear | Top and bottom (rain ponchos are a much less effective but favorable alternative)
  • Warm Wool Socks | Bring 2 pairs. Wool is still warm when it’s wet and perfect around the campfire
  • Water Shoes/Sandals | Tevas work, but stay away from Velcro, they need to stay on in the river (Crocs and booties are other water-friendly options)
  • Camp Shoes | Something comfy that can be squished into a dry bag.
  • Sneakers | some campsites have small hikes and if your group has time, weather, and gusto, you’ll want these to adventure in.
  • Pants of some sort for camp | I prefer tights under shorts, but whatever packs small and feels nice.
  • Small Towel | Those Terry-towels are perfect—pack towel of some sort


  • 30L Dry Bag | Waterproof bag to keep your stuff dry. COÖP offers rentals for $15.
  • Sleeping Bag | Down or synthetic only. COÖP offers rentals for $15.
  • 4 Water Bottles | Carrying capacity for 4 liters of liquid. Nalgenes are best because they will NEVER break, but a big Gatorade bottle works just fine. COÖP bottles are $15, and are yours to keep.
  • Mess Kit | Unbreakable bowl & mug. A fork, spoon and knife–the best are the compact Swiss-Army type utensil kits
  • Sunscreen and Bug Dope
  • Toiletries | Toothbrush, contact solution if necessary…that’s it really, don’t bother with soap
  • Extra Contacts or Glasses | If necessary. Bring a tie for your glasses–you will lose them otherwise.
  • Headlamp | or flashlight



  • Warm Hat | Wool/fleece
  • Sunglasses | With a tie to keep them on.
  • Sunscreen | You know if you need it.
  • Camera | It could get wet—don’t bring the nice one, but we do get some spectacular shots
  • Crazy Creek Chair | These small, portable, folding camping seats are a much-coveted ROP accessory–very nice & comfy for the campfire, the canoe, etc.
  • Sun Hat | The big and floppy type—flowers are nice
  • Swiss Army Knife | Any small outdoor utility knife comes in handy