Group Members


Postdocs and Research Associates

Dr. Nongnuch Artrith


Research interest: Atomistic computational materials simulations for energy applications, and development of machine learning models for accelerating the generation of fundamental materials insights (


Qun He


Research interest: Synthesis of nanomaterials for  applications in energy conversion and storage. Materials analysis and mechanistic study using synchrotron-based spectroscopic techniques (XAFS, XPS, UPS, FTIR, XRD). Resume



Dr. Ji Hoon Lee


Research interest: Developing and analyzing novel functional materials for energy storage and conversion with in-situ X-ray techniques. Resume


Dr. Shuang Liu


Research interests: Heterogeneous catalysis; Exhaust purification; Catalytic conversion; Nano-catalyst design.

Research ongoing at Columbia: Plasma-assisted catalytic conversion of CO2 and hydrocarbons. Resume

Yumeng Liu


Research interest: Developing the electrocatalytic activity of transition metal carbides for CO2 reduction and ethylene evolution.

Xiaoran Niu


Research interest: Plasma catalysis of CO2 to value-added products. In situ Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to investigate detailed reaction profiles.



Dong Tian


Research interests: Study thermochemical (alkane conversion, CO2 hydrogenation) and electrochemical (HER, CO2RR) reaction mechanisms on metals and supported metal catalysts by Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations. Resume

Ph.D. Students

Neal Biswas


Research interest: Optimizing the electrocatalytic activity of transition metal carbides for hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction.




Steven Denny


Research interest: Probing transition metal carbides as catalyst supports for a broad range of electrochemical reactions. Characterizing TMCs using surface science techniques.


zhexiZhexi Lin


Research interest: Investigation of selective hydrodeoxygenation with metal carbide catalysts for biomass upgrading via surface science approaches. Resume


HeadshotLea Winter


Research interest: Catalytic catenation of CO2 and methane to form hydrocarbons using non-precious metal catalysts and plasma.