Group Members

Postdocs and Research Associates

Dr. Ji Hoon Lee


Research interest: Developing and analyzing novel functional materials for energy storage and conversion with in-situ X-ray techniques. Resume


Dr. Shuang Liu


Research interests: Heterogeneous catalysis; Exhaust purification; Catalytic conversion; Nano-catalyst design.

Research ongoing at Columbia: Plasma-assisted catalytic conversion of CO2 and hydrocarbons. Resume

Xiaoran Niu


Research interest: Plasma catalysis of CO2 to value-added products. In situ Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to investigate detailed reaction profiles.

Ph.D. Students

Neal Biswas


Research interest: Optimizing the electrocatalytic activity of transition metal carbides for hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction.




Steven Denny


Research interest: Probing transition metal carbides as catalyst supports for a broad range of electrochemical reactions. Characterizing TMCs using surface science techniques.

E_Gomez PictureElaine Gomez


Research interest: Catalytic conversion of CO2 with precious and non-precious metal supported catalysts to value added products. In situ synchrotron techniques to investigate structural and electronic properties. Resume

zhexiZhexi Lin


Research interest: Investigation of selective hydrodeoxygenation with metal carbide catalysts for biomass upgrading via surface science approaches. Resume

program pictureBrian Tackett


Research interest: Developing novel catalysts aimed at facilitating the use of water electrolysis and fuel cells as large-scale renewable energy storage solutions. Resume

HeadshotLea Winter


Research interest: Catalytic catenation of CO2 and methane to form hydrocarbons using non-precious metal catalysts and plasma.