Here are a list of documents and links that could prove useful in your use of our laboratory

Usage agreements

Here you will find the various usage agreement for the recruitment system and the laboratory.

  • For researchers (Usage Agreement, Usage Agreement ORSEE ): for the use of our recruitment system and the lab, we require your compliance with IRB regulations and standard behavioral rules.

  • For Graduate Students: the lab is accessible for Economics graduate students as a study space when not in use for experiments.Students Usage Agreement


The laboratory uses z-Tree to program experiments. Here are some links that could prove useful

  • z-Tree at CELSS: this should guide you in the use of zTree in our lab

  • z-Tree website: the zTree community is extremely active online, starting with the official website

  • z-Tree Tutorial, and reference manual: the reference documents on zTree.

  • Ernesto Reuben kindly provides slides he used in the 3-hour zTree class taught on Friday, March 29th


The laboratory uses ORSEE to recruit participants from the Columbia and Barnard community.

  • Orsee Experimenters Guide: for researchers, we guide you through the process of creating an account on ORSEE and how to use it to schedule experiments. This guide is not for CELSS specifically, so also read the guide below.

  • Guide for Running Experiments at CELSS: for researchers, contains information about how to set up and run sessions at CELSS. Contains important information on lab rules.
  • ORSEE website: the ORSEE website should give you more information about the system

  • ORSEE Introduction: a simple pdf introduction to ORSEE, useful for researchers interacting with the system for the first time.

Lab Remote

We are grateful to Anwar Ruff at NYU for helping us with the Lab Remote software available on GitHub. This software allows the server computer to open the relevant programs (at C.E.L.S.S., zLeaf) on the client computers.

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