Call for Grant Proposals

It is time for another round of grant proposals.

  • Graduate students who are interested in conducting an experiment at CELSS can apply for funding using the student funding application.
  • Graduate students who are ready to write experimental chapters for their dissertations are eligible to apply for dissertation grants using thisĀ dissertation funding application.
  • Junior faculty members who are interested in conducting an experiment at CELSS and are in need of a seed grant, please complete this faculty funding application.

More information regarding grants can be found here.

All applications should be sent to Please review your application carefully before submitting. The deadline for all applications is Dec 1, 2017.

CELSS grants awarded

Congratulations to Nate Neligh, who has received a CELSS dissertation grant for his project “An Experiment on Network Growth”, and Jeremy Ward, who has received an extension to his CELSS grants for his project “Pivotality and Strategic Behavior”. Good luck to both of you for your continued research.